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About Us

CMD Technologies, LLC began as a sole proprietorship in 1998 to pursue three marketing areas: 

Website Design and Maintenance is the first area of service.  CMD Technologies strives to provide reasonably-priced unique websites with strong attention to detail.  Our experienced team provides up-to-date solutions for your business or organization. CMD Technologies, LLC is a first-rate Dayton, Ohio website design firm on!

Communications Products.  Our second area of interest is a product line aimed toward the radio communications consumer.  The product line begins with a repeater controller that satisfies the Federal Communications Commission requirements for controlling the emissions of the radio transmitter under remote or auxiliary control.

Electronic Engineering Consulting Services is the third area of pursuit with emphasis on digital design and system control technologies.  Our expertise lay in digital system design of automated control systems and special test fixtures for automated control systems.

Let CMD Technologies be the key to your company's success!



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